Sam Gary Library - Stapleton, Colorado - USA'Lumina Light' by Steve Appleton'Lumina Light' by Steve AppletonSculpture & LightThe Sundolier Daylight HarvesterThe Sundolier Daylight Harvester tracks the sun
Our goal for the Sam Gary Public Library was to collaborate and deliver a beautiful hybrid (day & night) lighting system with artist Steve Appleton. By combining the power and adaptability of Sundolier with the creative insight of a talented lighting designer, this installation shows that many things are possible with the Sundolier.
In this work entitled 'Lumina Light,' the elements of Steve's beautiful light sculpture provide useful and artistic lighting to the target area of the library.  And with this clever combination of Sundolier light reflectors and incandescent night lighting, this fixture works well for both day and night time enjoyment.