Sundolier® Daylight Harvester

The Sundolier Solar Daylight HarvesterThe Sundolier Daylight HarvesterThe Sundolier Solar Daylight Harvester	Elegant and SleekSundolier Daylight Harvester with Glare ShieldMaximize Your DaylightBuilt to Last	Harvest the sunFunction and form


Gather the sun with our robust daylight harvester.

Sundolier® Daylight Harvesters capture the sun via an electronic dual-axis digital tracking system that utilizes common drive components for azimuth and elevation. Specialized mirrors create a powerful, collimated beam of sunlight to deliver 100,000 lumens to the interior below. Our harvesters offer excellent efficiency from an unusually small roof penetration.
Each Sundolier® Daylight Harvester daylight harvester is built to last, and built for the outdoors.  Rated to withstand weather conditions around the world, we have installations in the United States, Africa, and the Middle East. Our units are field tested and ready for practically any location.
  • Best use: commercial, public, and large scale buildings.
  • Popular for: offices, retail, schools, libraries, and other commercial floor spaces.