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A skylight on steroids – with a brain.

ncbr-logo-colorLOVELAND – Soft light pours into a warehouse where workers at Lightning Hybrids LLC turn wrenches below a truck resting on a lift.
The light distributed throughout the warehouse isn't the typical fluorescent or even incandescent light that Northern Colorado workers are used to. It is natural light, distributed by two units that sit atop the warehouse on Second Street Southwest.  
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by Steve Lynn, June 14th, 2013
Northern Colorado Business Report

Active Robotic Skylight Pumps Natural Light Into Darkened Interior Spaces

popsci-articleIn an ideal world, we'd use natural light to brighten every darkened nook that needs illumination. But in reality, skylights and windows can let only so much light into a structure, and the amount of light varies based on the time of day. The Sundolier robotic skylight from Boulder-based Sunflower aims to change all this by actively "pumping" natural light into interior spaces, illuminating areas of up to 2,500 square feet with a single unit. ...
by Clay Dillow, April 5th, 2010
Popular Science: The Future Now

Before Nightfall: Advanced Daylighting Technologies

In between passive daylighting design strategies and active solar-powered lighting, these systems can bring unfiltered daylight into the deepest recesses of nearly any building

141387-17Mirror-lined tubes, fiber optic cables, and solar tracking devices are just a few of the cutting-edge daylighting systems that are making the fanciest double-paned, triple-glazed, argon-filled, and low-emissivity windows seem rather passé. ... Each of these systems captures more daylight and can deliver it deeper within a building than simple windows and skylights, and each can operate without the energy and maintenance costs associated with photovoltaic systems that convert light into electricity and then back to light again.
By Nalina Moses
The American Institute of Architects

Doing the Light Thing

modIn an age in which more and more people are beginning to realize not just the benefit but the necessity of sustainable living practices, we are, in a way, a modern civilization trying to get back to the basics: (organic) food, (repurposed) clothing, (net-zero) shelter and ... sunlight? ...
by Melissa Belongea, Fall, 2010
Modern In Denver

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Sundolier's Powerful Daylight Tube Fills Colorado's Cherry Creek STEM School With Light

inhabitatIn the heart of the environmentally astute Institute of Science and Technology STEM school in Cherry Creek, Colorado is an illuminated tube which brightens the school both physically and symbolically with abundant sunshine. The dramatic chandelier and light pipe is connected to a sun-tracking Sundolier light harvester, which is able to completely illuminate the school's entrance and upper corridor with daylight. Sundolier CEO Peter Novak took Inhabitat to the roof to school us on the potential of natural lighting - read on for a closer look! ....
by Andrew Michler, June 27th, 2012
inhabitat: design will save the world

Sundolier® Robot Pumps Sunlight Indoors for Powerful Daylighting

inhabitatWhat if you could light your entire building using no electricity, or artificial lights – but just the natural light from the sun? Conventional sky-lights do this well in certain types of single-story spaces, but are not very adaptable, powerful, and often have problems with excessive solar heat gain and heat loss. Enter the Sundolier, a powerful sunlight transport system that's like putting a solar robot on your roof to pump sunlight indoors! ...
by Andrew Michler, April 2nd, 2010
inhabitat: design will save the world

Bringing Sunlight Indoors With ‘Sundoliers’

pflogo-2Sundolier, a company based in Boulder, Colo., is capitalizing on the advantages of daylighting. The company has engineered a device, called the "sun harvester," which collects and concentrates sunlight on the roofs of buildings, and then channels and distributes it inside. Through this process, Sundolier generates the equivalent of about 40 fluorescent light tubes: enough to illuminate 1,500 square feet of windowless space...
by Joel Goldberg , August 14th, 2012
Planet Foward