One Smart Advanced Skylight = Two Floors.

1 Sundolier, 2 Floors.  By Sundolier.High quality daylighting from top to bottom with Sundolier.Stun with the sun. Retail two-floor daylighting by Sundolier.Maximum efficiency, minimum cost. Sundolier.Top floor rendering by Sundolier.Bottom floor rendering by Sundolier.
With one Sundolier and one roof penetration, you can light two distinct floors.
Our system offers the most high quality and efficient natural lighting available for two-floor designs, and without the need for costly fiber optic systems.
Being able to light two floors effectively gives you options.  Because daylighting can increase retail sales, reduce turnover, and improve academic learning*, you no longer have to decide which of two floors gets the better quality light.  Now, they both can. With two floor daylighting by Sundolier.
*See the research here, then contact us for assistance to help you design the two-floor daylighting solution that's right for you.