Next-Generation Renewable, Natural Light, with Fewer Breaches in Building Envelope.

Full spectrum: warehouse and industrial lighting with Sundolier.Full coverage: warehouse and industrial lighting with Sundolier.High-bay, high-quality gymnasium lighting with Sundolier.High quality daylighting aids worker productivity with Sundolier.Warehouse and industrial daylighting with Sundolier.Kill the cavern with Sundolier.See the difference in office lighting with Sundolier.

Sundolier offers a powerful daylighting solution for low, medium, and high bay large open spaces.  Our system eliminates the challenges of skylights for these types of installations.

With one Sundolier and a single 2ft. (0.6m) opening, our system can light up to 5,000 ft(465 m2) of space.

Sundolier also eliiminates glare and hot spots, so there is no need for ugly, spectrum-degrading light diffusers or glare shields, common with traditional forms of daylighting.

And because our daylighting is cleaner and more consistent than other forms of daylighting, visual accuity, circadean rythms, and general occupant health and productivity improve as a result.

View the research here, see our products, and then contact us to ask about how we can bring high performance daylighting to your location.


Sundolier in Large Open Space Configurations are Ideal For:

  • New & retrofit construction.
  • Daylight 5,000 ft2 (465 m2), one 2’ (0.6m) roof penetration.