Deep core daylighting without fiber light pipes or extra hassle.

Sundolier Core DaylightingSundolier Core DaylightingSundolier Core Daylighting
Sundolier is one of the few daylighting systems that can provide excellent deep core daylighting where you need it, far below the roof line.
This means that high quality daylighting is no longer limited to the top floor. And Sundolier is one of the only systems that can do so without expensive and inefficient fiber optics.
Through our powerful 100,000-120,000 lumen daylight harvester, Sundolier tracks, collimates, and sends high quality, un-obstructed daylight where you need it.  And once the light reaches its destination space, the same indirect daylighting solutions that we use for other installations are available.
Sundolier for deep core configurations are ideal for:
  • Deep building interiors and lower-level rooms.
  • Ground floor or underground operations.
  • Secure facilities.
  • Multi-story sculpture and artistic accent capability.
Sundolier provides:
  • Collimated, directable solar beam. 
  • Core Daylight up to 3,000 ft2 (280 m2) with one 2’ (0.6m) roof penetration.
  • Indirect daylight with no glare or hot spots.