If most of your cost is in your people and you want the best for them, bring natural light into your offices.   In addition to improving worker productivity and satisfaction, these factors are also key contributors to employee retention and overall job satisfaction.

Independent Research on Daylighting in Office Settings

"Desktop studies proved 20% better cognitive performance with more daylight (200 subjects)." 

Source: EPA Webcast 2006 


A 2.6% increase in productivity was realized in LEED™ buildings (Michigan State)

Source: AmJ Public Health - online 


Carnegie Mellon acknowledges daylighting as “the use of direct, diffuse, or reflected daylight to provide full or supplemental lighting for building interiors,” which can result in higher occupant satisfaction and motivation.

Source: Quantifying the Hidden Benefits o f High-Performance Building


Sundolier® offers the only indirect daylighting solution that provides full-day, high quality natural light without (roaming) direct beams and hot spots, and it does so at a competitive price per lumen.  The Sundolier is a natural sustainable lighting solution that is easy to specify for new and retro-fit construction.

An example specification for Sundolier in an office: