Natural Light benefits the productivity and quality of work in factories through improved visual acuity and connections to circadean rythmns.  In addition to work performance gains, natural lighitng can contribute to better health, fewer sick days, and reduced turnover (similar to gains experienced in retail, office, and educational settings).


Independent Research on Daylight

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University led by Vivian Loftness, FAIA, and Volker Hartkopf, PhD, have screened literally hundreds of studies related to the health and human benefits of green buildings. Among their findings: Twelve studies that indicate that improved lighting design enhances individual productivity between 0.7-23%.2".

“'Performance improvement from individual factors—ventilation, temperature, daylighting, etc.—may be as much as 3-5% each', says Syracuse University’s Ed Bogucz, PhD, director of the Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems, but 'multiple factors may produce impacts in the 15-20% range'".

Source: Green Buildings and the Bottom Line Building Design+Construction – November 2006.



Increase productivity, quality (visual acuity) and wellness with quality indirect daylight from Sundolier®. Contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss options that eliminate heat gain with very little roof penetration.  

The Sundolier® is a natural sustainable lighting solution that is easy to specify for new and retro-fit construction. 

An example specification of Sundolier in large industrial space: