Studies have shown that daylighting improves patient wellness and recovery as well as health care worker productivity and retention.  It can even speed patient recovery and help with pain management.

Independent Research on Daylighting in Healthcare

"Female patients in a cardiac ICU exhibited shorter length of stay in sunny rooms."

Source: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine


"Hospital patients with access to daylight have better sleep quality, reduced agitation and better pain management."

Source: Architectural Engineering Design Group, Inc.


"Insufficient or inappropriate light exposure can disrupt normalcircadian rhythms whichmay result in adverse consequences for human performance, health and safety."

Source: LEUKOS - The Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, vol 5 (1), pp. 1-26, July 2008.


"Patients residing in a hospital were exposed to 46% higher intensity sunlight on average took 22% less analgesic medicine than counter parts with similar medical conditions on the darker side of the hospital - resulting in a 21% cost differential."

Source: Psychosomatic Medicine


Sundolier® offers the only indirect daylighting solution that provides full-day, high quality natural light without (roaming) direct beams and hot spots, and it does so at a competitive price. 

The Sundolier® is a natural sustainable lighting solution that is easy to specify for new and retro-fit construction.

An example specification for Sundolier in healthcare: