The Smart, Advanced Skylight is Sundolier®.


What makes Sundolier® 'smarter' and more advanced than other daylighting systems?  


Work ethic.

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Sundolier® is Proactive

Why use electric lights when the sun is shining? Conventional daylighting systems work best only with ideal sun angles; occurring for just a few hours per day (depending on the time of year).

Sundolier® seeks the sun, so it can light a space all day, all year, as long as the sun shines.  

Sundolier® is a Maximizer

With one circular 2ft.(.6m) roof penetration, Sundolier® gathers more light than any other device of similar diameter.  In fact, Sundolier® can deliver up to 5x more sun than any single skylight or sun tunnel available; providing up to 100,000 lumens of pure daylight.

Sundolier® Works Smarter: It's Bright Without Shades.

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When conventional daylight systems do operate at their peak, they often create glare, reflections, and hot spots that move throughout the day. But Sundolier® utilizes special technology, allowing it to provide the best light without glare or hot spots, and without the need for blinds or shades.


Light your space with the smart, advanced (and hard working) skylight: Sundolier®.


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